How to hire a web company - Who am I How to hire a web company - Who am I

How to hire a web company – Who am I?

As part of my upcoming book, How to hire a web company.

Who am I?

I’m Steve French – I started Digital Tool Factory in 2002, and recently celebrated ten full years as an independent business.  Prior to that I worked at a .com startup that went nowhere, and then for an advertising agency.  That agency went out of business and I started Digital Tool Factory.  Actually I called it Creative Plumbing at first.   A poor choice in name but you have to start somewhere.


I originally started out as “technical muscle” for graphic design firms.  I had always specialized in implementing challenging graphic looks and feels.  That role eventually morphed into both the front-end and the back-end for websites and over the years the market for the front end development has become commoditized and I moved into back-end development, though with the advent of jquery I’ve gotten more onto the front side again as well.


I’ve always developed on the Microsoft Stack since 1999, largely for the reason that my boss at the time liked one particular feature of classic Active Server Pages.  I’ve stuck with the Microsoft Stack (defined as server and database) for many reasons largely because they solve the problems I have.


I’ve worked for many, many different companies for clients, in many different fields and industries and I’ve learned from all of them.  I am not naturally a good salesman or marketer.  However I am an excellent explainer and adviser on technical matters.  I’ve found that I have the same conversations with new clients, and the communication problems tend to happen over and over again.


That’s why I’m writing this book, to speed up the development process by getting the communication problems out of the way.




Written By Steve French


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