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Dynamic page redirects in TestCafe

So – you need to redirect to a dynamic page in TestCafe you say? Try the below

const setValue = ClientFunction(() => {
var idToUseForRedirection=document.querySelector(‘input[name=”ID”]’).value;
document.location.href=”https://someurl.com?id=” + idToUseForRedirection;


await setValue();

Jun 21

Written By Steve French


More Test Cafe Goodies

Generating a random string in some logical order

const setValue = ClientFunction(() => {
var dt = new Date();
var dateString =”Steve French Test – ” + dt.getTime();
document.querySelector(‘input[name=”ctl00$CPHSIURate$txtRiskName”]’).value =dateString;
document.querySelector(‘input[name=”ctl00$CPHSIURate$txtRiskName”]’).dispatchEvent(new window.Event(‘change’, { bubbles: true }))

await setValue();

as well as

const setValue = ClientFunction(() => { document.querySelector(‘input[name=”CaptchaAgentValueAsSupplied”]’).value = document.querySelector(‘input[name=”CaptchaAgentValue”]’).value;});
await setValue();

to play with dates

const setValue = ClientFunction(() => { var dt = new Date(); dt.setDate( dt.getDate() – 10 ); var dateString = ((dt.getMonth() > 8) ? (dt.getMonth() + 1) : (‘0’ + (dt.getMonth() + 1))) + ‘/’ + ((dt.getDate() > 9) ? dt.getDate() : (‘0’ + dt.getDate())) + ‘/’ + dt.getFullYear(); document.querySelector(‘input[name=”ExpirationDateOfPriorCoverage”]’).value =dateString; document.querySelector(‘input[name=”ExpirationDateOfPriorCoverage”]’).dispatchEvent(new window.Event(‘change’, { bubbles: true }))});
await setValue();

Mar 21

Written By Steve French


How to fix problems with Test Cafe Studio and Datepickers

I’ve become quite a fan of Test Cafe Studio this past year – I’ve found it to be an excellent mix of automated testing and browser automation. One persistent problem I’ve had is how it treats the datepicker – specifically it works for one month, and then doesn’t work at all (due to the position of the numbers changing on the datepicker).

One convenient way of always selecting the last item in the datepicker is by selecting the last table cell using css, namely by using this as the target of the click event


However, that doesn’t work if there are other tables on the page. The workaround I’ve found is to add the following to the click event. That will find the right box and click it properly.

Oct 20

Written By Steve French


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