• A Specialty Web Tool Maker in Atlanta Georgia

    We’re a back-end web development company based in Atlanta Georgia, home to hip-hop, the Turner experiment and warm people suffering in hot weather. We used to be called Creative Plumbing, but we changed the name in the summer of 2009.

    While we specialize in the advertising and creative industries, we’re certainly not going to turn down any opportunity to work with anyone interested in our services. And boy what services they are. Jump in immediately for a glimpse at our portfolio or our technical capabilities. Suffice it to say that we make websites in Asp.net, C# and SQL server.

  • We Built This: Live Labs PDF Maker!

    Live Labs Learning had a wide range of classes and no easy way to create a automated pdf syllabus for each class.  Considering the classes and the material a high degree of precision was called - enter Digital Tool Factory
  • We Built This: Profit Awareness!

    Every service business has their bad clients and good clients. Yet none of them will ever say, "Hey, I'm a bad client who will pay you late and make projects go out of scope due to my lack of organization."   In fact they all say the opposite. 

    Yet every service business spends far too much time working too hard for their worst clients.  This happened to DTF.  Of course, we thought of a technical solution...

  • ASP.Net MVC 4, Sql Server and Entity Framework make for fast, scalable websites

    We build databases, program applications, using the full suite of Microsoft programming tools, as well as a few others (like WordPress). What does that mean to you? We integrate the most complex of designs (like yours) into a workable application using stylesheets, html, databases and backend code.

    Are you a Mac person and you're worried about dealing with Microsoft? We can build your application with open source products if you like.

  • WordPress

    WordPress is the best all-around content management system out there right now, and we can make it do a quite a lot.

    While do not reccomend it for specialized tools, if your needs are more genral purpose, then you really can't go wrong with WordPress.

Digital Tool Factory makes specialty web tools and applications that make your life easier.

We've Been Around For a While

Digital Tool Factory started in the Web 1.0 era of 2002 and has been building top notch sites ever since.

Making the Web Simple

We combine the best technology of the web to make solutions and products that are appropriate for you.

Why Hire Us? See why these people did.

Our Philosophy

"Technology is supposed to solve problems and make life easier, not be another pointless series of tradeoffs just barely better than the pencil and paper."

Steve French - Lead Developer

Client Testimonials

We went to Digital Tool Factory because we needed an e-commerce website, and we needed it in two weeks.  DTF built it hassle-free in one and a half weeks and we've been using it ever since.   We reccomend Digital Tool Factory for anyone's web needs.
Ben Kitay, Southern Crafted Candles.

Working with Steve French has been a great experience. We were referred to Steve and from our first meeting we felt comfortable and confident that he was the exact person for our demanding vision. Steve was able to absorb all of our requests and after a short period came back with a working plan. If you are serious about your web product, we highly recommend a consultation with Steve.
Joel Rabe, Lethal Rhythms.

We have worked with Digital Tool Factory for over 7 years, and look forward to many more. Steve and his team always add a unique perspective to the work at hand, enhancing our projects with thoughtful and creative insight. Our long relationship also means that DTF has a deep understanding of our business, and client needs. We don’t hesitate to recommend DTF!
Moira Shanahan, Cerebrate Marketing.

Steve has really helped me out through some tough jams, his knowledge and dedication have become an invaluable asset to my company
Andrew Green, Green Media Works.

If you want something done right and done on time DTF is the answer. Steve is easy to work with and very reliable
Naim Sula, X-Sql.

Steve French and the Digital Tool Factory group have extended my design firm’s branded capabilities and offerings. They have proven invaluable in the planning and development process of the Web sites I’ve developed with their enlisted services. CP understands my design objectives and have the know-how when it comes to developing solutions that support my client’s goals and requirements. DTF is a trusted resource.
Jay Wilson, Whobody Inc.

As a tentacle-partner of Emily Capps & Associates, Steve is my go-to guy. I'm a technological claustrophobic, so I'm always bugging him for help with pretty much everything. ‘How do I unstuff this, Steve?’ ‘Steve, what's a jpeg?’ ‘This flash business is getting on my nerves, Steve. How can I make sure my settings are installed properly?’ It's amazing. It's like he wants to hear all these questions. To help. So I've come to the conclusion that he's either sweet on me, or he's like I am with writing: You just can't get enough of people asking for your opinion and help. It's got to be the latter because I've seen what he's done for other outfits. Nice, clean, logical work. So I hired him!
Emily Capps, Emily Capps & Associates.

We did these projects too!


Organic Local Food Guide

Georgia Organics needed an interactive site to direct healthy eaters to the best organic food Georgia has to offer.   Digital Tool Factory stepped up to the plate...


Georgia Organics

This Georgia based non-profit already had a substantial web presence.  However they had outgrown their existing content management system and needed a new one.  That's where Digital Tool Factory and WordPress came in...


Lethal Rhythms WordPress Site

We took over after four other web firms had failed! See the story...

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