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Startups For the Rest of Us has the greatest quote ever on entrepreneurship

Via Rob Walling, the great quote ever is

Employees complain, entreupreneurs get it done.

Exactly what I needed to hear today.    The insight into a base mindset is what I like about it I suppose.

Apr 12

Written By Steve French


New Business Adage: The Lemansky Rule

Wooden ship on the Rupsa River (Bangladesh)In the television show about corrupt cops The Shield, Curtis Lemansky, one of the main characters, once said “Why can’t we just do our jobs, and stop?“.   That quote came back to me while reading Jason Friend’s book Rework.

Rework is A) about doing the bare minimum, B) starting now, and C) completing the work as fast as possible.  On The Shield, the characters spend most of their time trying to cover up a few early crimes, which are the corrupt cop equivalent of cool, unrequested features.

Both of those notions seem relevant to me as I’ve spent two hours trying to fix a special “feature” on a website I built several years ago.  The client did not ask for the feature in the original specification but it was easy enough build, and I thought the client would like it.  She liked it, and she was happy with that I “Under-promised and over-delivered.”  Now that feature conflicts with some new security feature(!) on the server and  I’ve spent two hours getting it to work.  Two unbillable hours gone fixing something the client never wanted enough to ask or pay for.  Now that I think about it most of my “emergency” fixes have centered around unrequested features that people liked, but didn’t need.

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Apr 10

Written By Steve French


The wisdom of Tim Ferriss

If you know me personally, then you’ve heard me rave about the work of Tim Ferriss. I heard him give a talk about the release of the new edition of his book, the Four Hour Work Week. Here are some adages I thought were particularly powerful, and true, at least in my case

Whenever you depend on willpower, you will fail.
It’s easier to control environment than behavior.

and the Oscar Wilde quote –

If you’re going through Hell, keep going


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog

Dec 09

Written By Steve French


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