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My quick review of Red Gate’s Cloud Storage Studio 2

I recently had reason to move  a large number of files from one windows storage account to another.  One would think that this would somehow be built into Windows Azure storage, but alas, it is not that way.

Anyway, I searched the internets and came across Red Gate’s Cloud Storage Studio 2, which is more or less a file manager for Windows Azure Storage.

Here are my initial thoughts on Cloud Storage Studio 2

  1.  Overall status messages and notification messages appear in different places, this is  a bit annoying and confusing.
  2. I’m able to use it the way I want to without reading any documentation – that is always nice.
  3. The notifications and status need to be a bit more apparent – with a high latency product like a remote file manager the action status should be a bit more prominent.
  4. The price is a bit high – at $199 it’s a bit high for an impulse buy, and as a small shop I have a once a month need for a product like this (at present).  It is something I would have to consider.

On the whole, I like it, it works well (as I expect from Red Gate) and I would recommend it to others.


Feb 13

Written By Steve French


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