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What should I title my new book?

Last night I  decided to package up some of my insights I’ve gathered in my seven and and a half years as an introverted small business person into a convenient e-book.  Being a self-diagnosed Aspie, I’ve categorized most of my feelings into Jungian Archetypes with descriptive names and stories behind the names.  Over the years I’ve developed many gut instincts about what to look for and what to avoid (when you’re not perceptive to people that helps tremendously).  I intend to write a 20 page (approx) book, consisting largely of material that has (or will) appear here or on my other blogs.    I will release it as an e-book on Amazon, and probably as a free download on the Stronico website.

Now what should I call it?  At the moment I’m thinking of the following 6 choices. Continue reading →

Jan 10

Written By Steve French


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