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Daily Reading – Marketing Funnels, PhotoShop Etiquette, AB Split Testing and Rocksploitation

Just a quick note of some useful links I’ve found on the interwebs.  It makes for some good daily reading.

  1. Engineering your marketing outcomes – The great Patrick  McKenzie talks extensively about online marketing, and how to use modern web technology to enhance your internet marketing results.  It’s not quite gap analysis, but it will take you a long part of the way there.  The sales funnel is essential to your marketing mix and business development efforts.
  2. Photoshop Etiquette – Here is what every developer wishes every designer would do, and what I do (for the most part) when I send my psd files out to be sliced and diced
  3. AB Split testing for asp.net! – I intend to start pushing this in a big way to all of my clients, and this should make it much easier, expect a review of this very soon
  4. Entity Framework Data Migrations – This is one of the very few text tutorials I have seen on the topic.
  5. Useful checklists for your small business brand – From Amy Hoy
  6. The Marketers Guide to Blogging – Neil Patel of QuickSprout does a great job of the why and the high level how of why every business should actively blog.  Nothing earth shattering here, but useful information.
  7. Rocksploitation on St Patrick’s Day! – Just for fun.

Mar 12

Written By Steve French


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