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SideeX browser automation is awesome

The SideeX browser automation Chrome plugin is the single best tool I’ve come across this year.  It handles all the stuff that Selenium IDE would only do with great difficulty, and it did it on the first try.  Highly recommended.


Dec 17

Written By Steve French


How to fix irritating problems with TFS and Visual Studio 2017

Update – I did some more Googleing and found this page

Whereupon it says to

In your Team Explorer panel, click on Home > Projects > New Team Project…

Actually you have to click on Home to do it

but that gives you

Create from there


Due to a variety of circumstances I’m creating new projects with Visual Studio 2017, but using Team Foundation Server 2015 to house the source code – here is the proper sequence (for me) that gets the source code in place properly

  1.  Create Team Foundation Server Project using Visual Studio 2015 – note remote origin server
  2. Disconnect from VPN (and therefore TFS)
  3. Create Solution normally using Visual Studio 2017
  4. Do the normal “Add to Source Control” (from the File menu)  (if you do this while connected to the VPN/TFS it will try to force you to save it to TFS (where you can’t create a new project, or see the project you just created) – it will then do all the Git setup normally
  5. Reconnect to the VPN
  6. In the Team Explorer settings, add the remote origin server location to the “Remotes” section in the Repository settings – don’t forget to use the name “origin” as the name
  7. Commit and Push – everything should be working fine.

I’m sure there is a much better way to do this, but this is what works for me.

Dec 17

Written By Steve French


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