What Can We Do For You (We think you'll like it)

This is a small sampling of our work. A lot of what we do is "White Labeled", i.e. as a work for hire for other firms and cannot be shown as part of our general portfolio. However, the sites listed below are a good sampling of our capabilities.


Great Game of Golf

Hidden Links came to use with an interesting challenge - how to merge the digital happiness of social networking with the analog happiness of the Great Game of Golf?  The early description was "Facebook for Golf".  

Our response was (no surprise) a finely tuned website.


Live Labs PDF Maker

Live Labs Learning had a wide range of classes and no easy way to create a automated pdf syllabus for each class.  Considering the classes and the material a high degree of precision was called - enter Digital Tool Factory


Profit Awareness

Every service business has their bad clients and good clients. Yet none of them will ever say, "Hey, I'm a bad client who will pay you late and make projects go out of scope due to my lack of organization."   In fact they all say the opposite. 

Yet every service business spends far too much time working too hard for their worst clients.  This happened to DTF.  Of course, we thought of a technical solution...


Organic Local Food Guide

Georgia Organics needed an interactive site to direct healthy eaters to the best organic food Georgia has to offer.   Digital Tool Factory stepped up to the plate...


Georgia Organics

This Georgia based non-profit already had a substantial web presence.  However they had outgrown their existing content management system and needed a new one.  That's where Digital Tool Factory and WordPress came in...


Lethal Rhythms WordPress Site

We took over after four other web firms had failed! See the story...


Southern Crafted Candles

An e-commerce site in only a week and a half!  We did that...


Stronico Contact Management

We built the site (and the application) for this impressive Atlanta based technology startup.


Paschals Website

This Atlanta landmark needed a site that matched up to their impressive history, and we teamed up with Whobody Inc to deliver just that.


Whobody Inc Website

Design powerhouse Whobody needed a new site. They wanted to integrate a high-end graphic look, flash video and more Ajax than you can shake a stick at. They also wanted to be able to administer it themselves. Naturally they came to Digital Tool Factory.


Mark Hill Photography

Atlanta photography legend Mark Hill needed a site to showcase his work. Digital Tool Factory and design powerhouse Whobody Inc stepped up to the plate. We built custom image galleries, server-side image proccessing and intense css design to create an aesthetically pleasing site.


Lackmond Web Site

This site combined two of our loves, power tools and web sites. We worked with Mock Advertising to create a site that mirrored the look and feel of their current catalog.


Soho Restaurant Website

Popular Atlanta restaurant Soho needed a new website to display their tasty foods.  Whobody Inc and Digital Tool Factory stepped up to the plate and came up with a dynamic content managed site that looked as good as the food tasted!



In the aftermath of the real estate bubble, Coldwell Banker needed a way to showcase their bank owned properties - and they went to Mock Advertising to do the job.  Mock came to us for the backend work.


Promotions Made Easy

Atlanta marketing company Tympani was starting an online marketing venture that featured the online sale of brochures and printed marketing material. They contracted us to build it for them. And we did.

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