How to hire a web company - the new book from Digital Tool Factory

How to hire a web company – the new book from Digital Tool Factory

'Hire Us' photo (c) 2012, Dita Margarita - license: talking a to many potential, and actual clients lately I have decided to expand my internal checklists stock questions into an e-book called “How To  Hire A Web Company”.   After reading this book you should get from a search engine result to a successful Client-Vendor relationship much faster, and you will find the best company, and not the best salesman.  I will show you how the web company sees their clients, and show you how to move faster towards a successful website.


Think of the book as an operating manual for the client-vendor relationship.


My tentative outline

  1. Who am I – about my experience, company, and insights
  2. Who are you –   How web companies see clients.  A practical discussion of the differences between the needs of marketing and operations departments (as seen through the eyes of a web company).
  3. Personality types – and how they affect client-vendor relationships
  4. What are your needs – Broadly speaking of course – The five kinds of web sites
  5. What technology should the site use?  – The differences in what your web company cares about and what you should care about.  What you should care about, and what you should not care about
  6. Cheap and easy ways to make your web company feel loved (and get better service and a better deal) – this chapter will go into the non-intuitive things your web company will care about that probably never occurred to you.
  7. Checking references, what to look for and what to ask for
  8. Offshoring, Mobile, Apps, SEO and other hot buzzwords, what to care about, and what to watch for
  9. Checklists, checklists, checklists!
Most of the content will appear on the blog first – please stay tuned.  Any commentary will be much appreciated


Written By Steve French


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