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How to fix problems with Visual Studio 2013 Web Deploy

Recently I began having problems with the Visual Studio Web Deploy feature – I did some googling and found that restarting the “Web Deploy Agent Service” fixes everything – I’m not sure why the service would lock up after a boot but that did fix it.

Jul 14

Written By Steve French


How to fix problems with small fonts when using the rotativa nuget package

Does the actual html look fine but the text on the printed pdf look way, way too small when you actually print the thing?

  1. In the MVC Controller – add in

    CustomSwitches = “–disable-smart-shrinking”,

  2. Check for long strings of unbroken text, in my case it was a fake underline of underscores (______) which was causing problems.

Blogged about largely in case I ever need to remember it later.

Jul 14

Written By Steve French


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