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How to fix problems with conflicting version of Newtonsoft.Json in your visual studio projects

The root problem seems to be in the version of Newtonsoft.json – if you set it to version 11.0.1 all of the problems magically disappear



Aug 18

Written By Steve French


How to fix the entity framework problem with System.Data.Entity.Migrations.Utilities.DomainDispatcher not found.

After much searching and repair, I could not find a good way – the error does seem to be documented on Github – so at least there’s that.

My solution to the problem, after trying several other ways, was to downgrade Visual Studio as described here – note – you really do have to run all of the cleanup tools.

UPDATE ON 09/21/2018 – this fixes the problem – thank you Stack Overflow User.

Update on 05/02/2019 – this affects Visual Studio 2019 as well – one thing to note, this is the path to the new file

Copy and paste this

<assemblyIdentity name=”System.Management.Automation” publicKeyToken=”31bf3856ad364e35″ />
<bindingRedirect oldVersion=”″ newVersion=”″/>
<publisherPolicy apply=”no” />

Aug 18

Written By Steve French


A simple little linq values transformer

Somehow I’ve never actually used this keyword before, but as I gradually shift over to functional programming I came across the ForEach linq statement – for example

listOfObjects.ForEach(x => x.BodyText = x.BodyText.Replace(“,”,”, “));

And bam – all of the body text is replaced without having to loop through the enumerable.  Rather nice.  A simple little statement, but one that I’ve never really had the change to use before.

Aug 18

Written By Steve French


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