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How to Get the ID of the logged in user in asp.net mvc web api apicontroller

After much googling, and evening Bing-ing revealed nothing I discovered that for some reason I had the line


In my WebAPIConfig.cs file – I removed that and everything magically worked and I could use User.Identity.GetUserId();

Feb 22

Written By Steve French


How to do a cross domain json request with jquery and asp.net mvc web api

So – I was trying to request some data from one server from another – not normally a big deal, but the data would vary depending on whether or not the user was logged in or not.  I thought just setting up CORS would work (I’m using asp.net mvc web api 2).  I thought a simple jquery .post or .get would do the job, but surprisingly the .get and .post do not send the auth cookie when making the request – you have to use the .ajax features of jQuery, as well as enabling the “SupportsCredentials” part of Cors – the relevant parts look like this

In your web api controller

[EnableCors(origins: “*”, headers: “*”, methods: “*”,  SupportsCredentials = true)]

Your javascript code should look like this

url: ‘http://MyWebServiceDomain.com/api/v.1.1/SomeController/MyFeature’,
dataType: ‘json’,
xhrFields: {
withCredentials: true
crossDomain: true,
success: function (authText) {

Jan 17

Written By Steve French


How to fix 404 errors in asp.net web api 2

So – you’ve tried everything and you’re still getting weird 404 errors in asp.net web api 2.    You’ve tried the 4 main ways of fixing it, and you still get nothing – that was what I did anyway.  Finally I started a new project in the solution, and noticed that the problem only occured when other projects were referenced – and that I had several duplicate controller names.

I.E. Project A had and “AjaxController” and Project B had an “AjaxController”.  Everything works fine until you reference Project A from Project B – if you change the name of the controller in Project B the problem goes away and everything works perfectly.

Sep 16

Written By Steve French


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