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Review of The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

Overall Grade: 6/10

I recently picked up a copy of The Power of Less by Leo Babauta (I was using a gift certificate and that was the only interesting thing Barnes and Noble had in stock).  Babauta blogs as and I imagine most of the content originally appeared there.  It is an easy, fast read.

The book boils down to these points:

  1. Start small, in fact below your personal capacity at whatever it is you are trying to do
  2. Move in small increments
  3. Announce your goals
  4. Clean and organize
  5. Eliminate the non-essential
  6. Come up with 3 “Most important things” to do each day.  Do nothing until those things are done
  7. Break down goals, plans and tasks into specific increments
  8. Single task

That’s pretty much all there is to the book.  I would have ranked it a bit lower, except for all of the points are true and accurate. Point 6 is a good and useful tool to make sure that tasks actually get done and never slip.  Beyond that it’s all well written, but generic and unneccesary.  I do intend to get Babauta’s other book Zen To Done, which is his implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.  Perhaps that will be a bit more up my alley.


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Written By Steve French


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