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Thoughts on Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen

I recently finished Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen and loved it. I found it to be an insightful treatise on the Autistic Spectrum and it raised many thoughts which are still bouncing around my head.

As a self-diagnosed Aspie – I was particularly fascinated by the part about degrees of difference, mainly that some people can appreciate/perceive some things, music, food, books, etc, to a far higher degree than others. I thought I would create some lists for future reference.

High degree of perception list

  • Music written in pentatonic scales
  • Word choice
  • Barbecue
  • Written History
  • Driving pattens (I can predict what people in front of me will do)
  • Boxing
  • Speeches and internal messaging
  • Verbal tone
  • Dogs

Low degree of perception list

  • Classical music
  • Jazz
  • Sushi
  • Body language
  • Basketball
  • Poetry
  • Cats

What does all this have to do with Stronico? I’m not sure, but I was inspired to make several changes to the app after reading the book, though I find the reasons to do so unclear.


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog



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