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Ways to be smarter – I’ll be testing some of these soon

Via some Twitter link I can no longer find, I stumbled across these two posts.

  • Nootropics: their effects, their risks, and where to get them – I think I’ll be picking up some Thiamine and sticking with that, as the others seem a bit scary.  It is a fascinating bit of research though.  Nootropics are “Smart Drugs”
  • How to get Smarter – these are all fairly basic, but I intend to find some way to test them as part of my measuring everything possible campaign of 2010.

The first link is far better than the first, but you should read them both.  Upgrade your wetware!

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This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog

Mar 10

Written By Steve French


The future of newspapers, as seen through a Twitter feed

getthepictureI read this quote in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Twitter Feed ( the AJC (Twitter, @AJC) is the main paper here in Atlanta))

We’re trying to pin down the name of the College Park recording studio. It’s at the 3200 Block of E. Main St. Can you help us?

and I started wondering if the future of news was as either a medium (like FaceBook) or as the medium + the lead collaborator.  I.E. the newspaper supplies the forum (in the form of a website, and the print service, whatever that winds up being) and serves as the lead collaborator.   To use a sports analogy, The future of newspapers is like a company that owns a baseball park, and provides a full time pitcher.

Just a random though.

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This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog

Mar 10

Written By Steve French


Free Business Idea – Right Wing Vitamins and Organic Foods

Object 4The Left Wing Temperament –

  • Idealizes: caring, tolerance and balance
  • Prone To: Hugging

The Right Wing Temperament –

  • Idealizes: Cleanliness, organization and order
  • Prone To: Personal space

There are many political overtones and exceptions to the above sweeping characterizations, but in terms of temperament they are true (just trust me on that).

You’ve probably noticed that vitamins, natural/organic foods, and homeopathy are marketed almost exclusively to the left wing temperament and almost never to the right wing temperament.  That neglect means that there is a market opportunity to seize the right leaning side of the population.  After all, if smut on the airwaves angers someone, why should preservatives in their steak get a free pass?   If the complexity of the tax code angers them, why would the jumbled supply chain of mega farms be any different? Continue reading →

Mar 10

Written By Steve French


How to fix frozen router bits

Router BitsThis is not computer related, but it was meaningful enough to merit mention here.

Last February I purchased a Triton Woodworking 3.5 Horsepower router, the only “elite” tool I have for my woodworking hobby.  About 4 months ago I managed to get a 1″ radius round-over bit stuck (“Frozen” in woodworking jargon) into the router.  I tried everything I could think of to remove the frozen router bit.  I pulled so hard I bent the factory wrench (really, I did), I tried using micro lubrication, I let it run long enough for everything to heat up, I consulted the woodworking elders at Highland Woodworking, all to no avail.  As Triton is an Australian company, they do not have a local service center. Continue reading →

Feb 10

Written By Steve French


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