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Free Business Idea – Right Wing Vitamins and Organic Foods

Object 4The Left Wing Temperament –

  • Idealizes: caring, tolerance and balance
  • Prone To: Hugging

The Right Wing Temperament –

  • Idealizes: Cleanliness, organization and order
  • Prone To: Personal space

There are many political overtones and exceptions to the above sweeping characterizations, but in terms of temperament they are true (just trust me on that).

You’ve probably noticed that vitamins, natural/organic foods, and homeopathy are marketed almost exclusively to the left wing temperament and almost never to the right wing temperament.  That neglect means that there is a market opportunity to seize the right leaning side of the population.  After all, if smut on the airwaves angers someone, why should preservatives in their steak get a free pass?   If the complexity of the tax code angers them, why would the jumbled supply chain of mega farms be any different?

How to create this new company?  Just take existing marketing material for organics and vitamins and:

  • Replace the word “Balance” with “Order” in the marketing material
  • Point out that this is the way people “used” to eat (in the case of natural foods)
  • Point out that this is the best that can be done the best that can be done to replicate the way people used to eat (in the case of vitamins) and the product (whatever that is) follows established scientific rules
  • Re-shoot all of the marketing stock photography to show smiling, healthy people standing 2-3 feet away from each other

and presto!  You will dominate a large market!

Thoughts anyone?

Creative Commons License photo credit: bansidhe


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Written By Steve French


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  1. Ted Nugent and Sean Hannity could sit at a large table with their guns at their side enjoying their meal and talking about our Founding Fathers

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