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How to properly clone a project from Visual

So – I recently had to clone a site off of Visual lately – after some discovery, here are the proper steps

  1. Don’t try to do it from Visual Studio 2017 directly – instead just go to the project in, and click “Clone Is Visual Studio” – a dialogue window will pop up, and the combination f Visual Studio 2017 and Visual will take care of everything for you
  2. Visual Studio will then be open to the FOLDER of the newly created project.  Note the folder location, then close Visual Studio, and open the solution (.sln) file in that folder (why Visual Studio doesn’t open it immediately I don’t know)
  3. From there, you have to copy over the nuget packages – in the nuget package manager, just enter “Update-Package -reinstall” and they will all be reinstalled or installed (that solution found here – the packages are not copied into source control)

and you’re done!


Written By Steve French


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