Less Accounting Review - Part 1, My Accounting Background Less Accounting Review - Part 1, My Accounting Background

Less Accounting Review – Part 1, My Accounting Background

'Accounting Sense != Common Sense' photo (c) 2007, Paul Downey - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I recently signed up with Less Accounting and I will be publishing a Less Accounting review  and experiences with the setup process here (read the introduction).

  1. Introduction
  2. My accounting background (This post)
  3. The Signup
  4. Import Quickbooks File
  5. Wire Account
  6. Set Recurring
  7. Hook up Bank Account
  8. Hook Up American Express Account
  9. Less Accounting – One Week Later
  10. Less Accounting – One Month Later

In the beginning, by which I mean my awesome web company’s beginning in 2002, there was Microsoft Money.  That was my first accounting software and it served me adequately for about five years.  It was nothing special, but it did the job with a moderate amount of hassle, but after a while it began to show it’s age.   Somewhere along the way I started using BlinkSale, which was one of my better decisions.

Along about this time I first heard about Microsoft Office Accounting.  It was a relatively easy migration over from Microsoft Money and I was able to do my minimal accounting and bookkeeping tasks in significantly less time.  Plus, it worked like every other Microsoft product, and if you know Microsoft products well (which I do) then using it was a breeze.  Then Microsoft decided to discontinue the program and for reasons I don’t recall I thought that was a big deal and did not want to get stuck using obsolete software.

So I got a copy of QuickBooks, and away I went.  Specifically I went through a painful migration software.  I also came to the realization that there were many parts of QuickBooks that were not compatible with 64 bit software at that time.  I debated using Quickbooks Online, but that did not seem like a good option.

The good part of using QuickBooks for my Accounting Software

My accountant knew and liked the system, and we could do the entire thing remotely.

Beyond that, there were no good parts.  After a while, and inspired by Peter Drucker’s book, The Effective Executive, I began looking for options.  That led me to Less Accounting for my financial management and financial analysis..


Written By Steve French


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