What having a daughter taught me about business - Part I

What having a daughter taught me about business – Part I

My wife and I (mostly her) had out first child (a girl) five months ago.   For various reasons we take her to lots of doctors, including four specialists, I thought I would share a bit of what I’ve learned on the topic of doctors and specialization by having a daughter.


  1. You have to wait every time
  2. Doctors do only medical work
  3. Doctors only do a small percentage of the medical work, the majority of the work (blood pressure, measurements, samples, etc) is done by nurses and PAs.
  4. If it can be measured, a doctor does not do it.  They make determinations, not observations
  5. Specialization is advertised,
  6. Generalization is practiced, but not advertised
  7. Everyone is perfectly content to treat you like cattle UNTIL you see the doctor.  Then you are special.  Once the doctor leaves you’re back to being cattle
  8. Everyone we’ve encountered got there via a referral from some other doctor
  9. The dress code (white lab coat) is universally followed
  10. People love going to the best person in the building/city/state/country

What have I learned from the above observations?

  1. Being the best, and being known as the best is the crucial thing, even is what you are the best at is a very narrow field.
  2. Being known as the best requires maintenance, and constant attention to detail.
  3. Your client should only see you in your area of expertise, nothing else, let other people be seen doing the boilerplate work

Much, much more to come..


Editor’s Note

This blog post originally appeared on the Profit Awareness Blog – as that app is up for sale, it has been consolidated into the main Digital Tool Factory blog.


Written By Steve French


10 responses to “What having a daughter taught me about business – Part I”

  1. Doctors, unfortunately, give the impression of universal competence. I pity those of you that know nothing about medicine that must deal with some of the idiots the Medical Schools have unleashed upon the public. Most are so specialized they wouldn’t recognize a person squirting diarrhea unless they were a colo-rectal specialist and even many of them would miss this if they had their hearts set on finding cancer. The past 8-10 years I have lost much respect for the medical field and I include my fellow Veterinarians who seem to have forgotten what we are here for.

    While there are many excellent Doctors, their numbers dwindle yearly. My belief is the selection process has become chaotic and so impersonal that obvious morons cannot be weeded out. Getting an A in organic chemistry does not a good doctor make.

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