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An argument for .Net in startups – to wit, avoiding groupthink

Vikings!I recently read Why Startups Could Use .NET, But Don’t and the original CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers post from Expensify.  For a quick summary

Starting Fact:

  • Startups are risk taking places
  • Startups are founded by risk taking people

Pros of .Net

  • Great Tools
  • Works together well
  • .Net programmers know how to use the platform

Cons of .Net

  • .Net programmers are stodgy
  • And risk averse
  • And see no need to tweak solved problems like the networking stack

(Granted, I am biased as a .net developer.)

From which I drew the conclusion: The technology is, if anything, better, but the non .Net people are more similar to risk-taking startup CEO types, so they fit into the startup culture much better.

Now that I think about it, that seems to be an argument FOR startups developing on the .Net platform.  The risk taking CEO is a given, if you also bring in like-minded developers then the startup will have more group think, and consequently make poorer decisions than a more diverse mix of personalities.

Now that I read this again, this is an empirical question – What proportion of .Net based startups reach profitability vs the non .Net startups?  Do(es) the data exist anywhere?

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Written By Steve French


One response to “An argument for .Net in startups – to wit, avoiding groupthink”

  1. Actually, it’s more about the company behind the technology rather than the technology itself.

    Microsoft has a long history of vendor lock-in, and in the days of open, unencumbered APIs and cross-technology communications that’s a HUGE risk that startups are generally not willing to gamble on.

    Data locked in a proprietary system is worse than worthless; it’s a liability.

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