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Why bother with E-Checks?

monopoly-e-commerceI recently tried to buy The Entrepreneur´s Guide to Customer Development for Tech Startups and was alarmed to learn that the payment method I used (PayPal) uses an e-Check system by default.  My PayPal account is tied to a regular bank account and everything comes out of that.   Now apparantly I must wait for my check to clear, which won’t be until Friday.  I can’t believe I have to wait till Friday to get a PDF download! I did not see any notice of this on their site, and they did not take credit cards on the site where I bought the pdf.

I don’t begrudge them outsourcing their payment system, taking credit cards is a hard setup with many upfront costs.  However a notice that they will not send me the pdf for a few days would be quite nice, as would the option to cancel my order so I could just download the thing from Amazon.

How has the technology come to this?  Perhaps PayPal has changed their system around, but I have bought many, many things with my linked PayPal account and this has never happened before.

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Written By Steve French


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