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Exploring the long tail topics of my personal knowledge

Stop and ThinkOne lesson I learned (not from anything specifically said, purely a deduction) from this excellent Mixergy interview with Brian Crane of LuckyGunner.com is to NOT weave  small thoughts into the big picture, but to instead let them be small thoughts. Apparently LuckyGunner.com succeeds by chasing the long tail.  Therefore I am going to keep the “How To Fix” and “Code Sample” series, but keep  the meta blogging about business and network theory to a minimum.

Now that I see all this written out I have the thought that I should finalize the public Stronico sites.  I had tentatively scheduled public sites for about six months from now, but perhaps they should be moved up.  The public sites would be public accessible, read only Stronico accounts,  viewable to all but only updatable by administrators, sort of the wikipedia of social network diagrams.  The first few would be based on either my particular local knowledge or publicly available knowledge.  The first few public sites would:

  • The current Atlanta independent music scene, defined as bands, bookers, clubs, musicians etc and the like.   (present day and adaptable)
  • The East Atlanta small business community, and by East Atlanta I mean more than the Village.  I am defining East Atlanta as East Atlanta (the neighborhood), Ormewood Park, Grant Park, Woodland Heights, and Rebel Forest.
  • The Atlanta Woodworking Community – both craftsmen and vendors
  • The Atlanta Guitar community, i.e.  people who buy, sell, and treasure find musical instruments (defined as those costing over $2,000)
  • The Atlanta graphic design community, both firms and designers
  • The Atlanta Microsoft ecosystem, players, institutions, and firms.
  • The American used Sterling Silver Market,  including merchants, manufactures, wholesalers and museums.
  • The Metro Atlanta convention industry

Should any of these sites get any amount of traffic they could be sponsored by an industry leader like Stomp and Stammer or the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

I realize that this blog post is a poorly written answer to a question that no one asked, that’s most of the internet when you think about it

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This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog


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