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A successful round of networking – with presentation lessons learned

Neural Network : basic schemeI just returned from a successful lunch at the Duluth Flash Networking event, sponsored brought to you by Solutions Marketing, and sponsored by Purdue Vision (a graphic design and marketing firm).  I had a good time and learned more about how to market both myself and Stronico.

I’m something of a novice presenter, so I’m sure that this will not be news to many of my readers, but here are the lessons I drew from the four 90 second presentations I made

My actionable lessons learned: I should

  • speak more slowly
  • make more eye contact
  • coordinate hand gestures with eye contact – I had them off time for a bit and it did not work well at all.
  • stress the online nature of Stronico – at the beginning, middle and end.  The online nature of the application was lost on some people
  • use more props –  On the spur of the moment I held up a stack of business cards I had gathered by the middle of the event, and that was an “aha” moment for some people
  • stress that Stronico is Mac compatible.  This is something I always assumed that everyone else would assume, but it is not.
  • concentrate most on the independent artisan – the pro networker is already too heavily invested in their existing system to ever switch to something else, and the mid level corporate person does not have the power to make any sort of software decisions.  The independent artisan is dependent upon a strong network for business, but maintaining the network will never be their top priority(that is why they are artisans) so social maintenance outsourcing is something they are either looking for or open to.
  • have brochures made.  Selling a visual product verbally is tough.

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