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Rest In Peace Drex

Today at 3:00 PM I put my dog of six years to sleep.  I got Drex in 2004 when his previous owner was out of the house for too long during the day and Drex needed constant companionship.   Luckily I never left the house and we fit together well.  He was a great dog, preventing at least one break-in at my condo, and always being loving, protective and affectionate.

He had his neurotic moments, like the time he chewed through drywall and insulation during a thunderstorm, or the time he opened a locked door (he was quite bright) and climbed the back fence during the Tornado of 2008, but he was a great dog through and through.  Over the past year (his 14th) he entered a marked physical and mental decline and it got to the point of being cruel to let him continue.

Godspeed Mr Buddy.


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog


Written By Steve French


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