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A partial list of my entrepreneurial weaknesses, and one time steps to correct them

Wheelchair OnlyMy weaknesses have made themselves apparant over the past few days, here is a preliminary list.  The first entry is the topic, the one below that is the specifics, and the one below that is the practical step to get me to an adequate level in under ten hours.

  1. QuickBooks
    Problem: I am terrible at accounting in general, and QuickBooks in particular
    Solution: Spend 10 hours taking free online classes, break this up into one half hour per day
  2. Elevator Speeches
    Problem: Whenever I talk to someone about Stronico I start from scratch every time
    Solution: Create 10 second, 30 second, 5 minute, and 15 minute pitches.  Run these by interested parties and refine and rehearse
  3. Uneven progress in the Stronico Venture
    Problem: The venture breaks down into long unfocused slogs of marketing and development
    Solution: Create master plan, with deadlines and goals
  4. Fame and Goodwill
    Problem: Not enough people know about Stronico
    Solution: Continue prospecting, apply it to the intelligence gathering aspects of Stronico, and make contact with relevant bloggers, then refine the approach.
  5. Metrics
    Problem: There are no good metrics for Stronico, either in profitability, marketing, sales, web hits, etc
    Solution: Create spreadsheet listing weekly goals for all of the above, have second row be the actual numbers.

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