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The 5 lessons of personal development

Helper - B4 I’ve read many personal development books and business books in the past year, and they all seem to be variants of the following five ideas

  • Live in the present – thinking about the past and the future leads to thoughts of grievance or anxiety.  The best example is Derek Sivers’ essay on the topic
  • Be specific – self explanatory but the general rule is that if you can’t be specific about something, you will not get it, and probably don’t need it.
  • Not much will kill you – we conjure up dragons and doomsday scenarios in our heads, all for no purpose.  Go ahead and try it
  • Nothing is that important – you can afford to lose a few times so long as you rounds of the fight so long as you learn something
  • Measure – measurement is the key to everything – if it can’t be measured in at least some way, reconsider doing it.

The rest seem to be specific tips and tricks.

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Written By Steve French


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