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The 3 customer targets for Stronico

DartsSomeone recently asked me who would actually use this service and I had no specific answer for them. Lots of vague answers, but nothing specific. I decided to fix that problem. Since declaring targets defines them; these are the top three Stronico customer targets

  1. Primary Market – The near Aspberger entrepreneur – I call this market “Steve” because I’m trying to solve my own problem.  Steve needs help in maintaining his personal network since he remembers connections, names, faces, and details poorly, but needs to remember them better.  Steve networks poorly, has a medium sized network, and has a strong need to maintain that network.
  2. Secondary Market – The power salesman – we’ll call this market “Eric”.  Eric needs help maintaining the network not because of any natural defect in his networking skill but because the network is large and expanding.  Eric has strong networking ability, a large network, and a strong need to maintain that network.
  3. Tertiary Markets – The researcher – we’ll call this market “Greg”.  Greg could be a lawyer, policeman, student or teacher, but fundamentally he is someone who maps out social networks, usually not his own.  The model will be the primary avenue into this.  Greg has variable networking ability, huge networks, and a moderate need to maintain that network.

Thoughts anyone?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bogdan Suditu


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog



Written By Steve French


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