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What to make of the StackOverflow.com VC funding push?

Much to-do has been raised over Joel Spolsky’s announcement that he was going to seek funding for StackOverflow.com.  The 37 Signals guys do a much better diessection of it than I can, so I will just add my conculusion, to wit:   StackOverflow.com has become the default go-to site for any technical problem for coders all over the world – the more I think about it I think the VC push is just an attempt at attention, and the real purpose is to sell it in small pieces to the programming community.  Who wouldn’t want to own a share or ten of the site you visit three times a week, even if the revenue model is shakey.   Atwood and Spolsky would remain in control, but they woudl have enough funds not to worry about day to day expenses.

My two cents anyway.


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