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Top 10 things I would change about QuickBooks Pro 2010

For some reason the blog posts about QuickBooks Pro 2010 are the most popular ones on the entire blog.  As I’m doing accounting this morning, here are what I would change.

  1. Remove the advertisements written directly into the program.  Click on “Learn about Payroll options” to see what I mean
  2. Allow better sorting of invoices and estimates, currently the program throws everything at you at once.
  3. Fix the printing problems – there is really no reason why creating a pdf is so error prone.
  4. Allow easier access to templates – they should copy the sadly defunct Microsoft Office Accounting in their use of templates
  5. Split off recurring invoicing and functions, avoid this whole “Memorized” metaphor, it’s simply not accurate.
  6. Easier previewing of different invoice and estimate template options
  7. Tell the user specifically what is being installed when the program auto updates
  8. Tell the user about limitations of the product.  For instance the conversion tool does not work on 64 bit windows, etc.
  9. Add progress indicators – at the moment there is no good way of knowing whether or not the product is working on something time consuming, or locked up, and the odds are 50-50 as to which it’s doing
  10. Add more explanatory text on the credit card and bank synchronization.


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog


Written By Steve French


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