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Free Idea #1 – form and maintain a secret society online

absinthe rigI’ve always wanted to join a secret society.  Membership in an organization like minded people of diverse backgrounds (key features of any worthwhile group in my opinion) devoted to some specific purpose could be quite handy to belong to have.  The “secret” angle of everything is in place to keep it small, and exclusive, which is the key to getting (and keeping) good members.  A small group can also stay focused over time.  It’s a matter of quality control rather than criminality.

Sadly there does not seem to be any company devoted to forming and maintaining secret societies.  I think it could exist, and most of it would happen on the web.  Such a company would have the following features.

  • Maintenance and storage of the purpose, the history, and the minutes of the group
  • Keeper of the secret punches, recipes, or whatever secret intellectual property that is one of hte features of the group.  Traditionally secret societies have their own punch, but it could be a distinctive micro-brew, health formula, whatever.
  • Listing of requirements for membership – it would give the designated enforcer of rules knowledge and authority to keep the integrity of the group intact.

Basically the site/company would serve as a grizzled member of the group – similar to Bobby Elvis on the show Sons of Anarchy.  It could also offer discounts on membership card, mugs, events, etc.    I would like to join the bluegrass and woodworking versions of these.

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Written By Steve French


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