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QuickBooks Conversion tool will not work with 64 bit Windows, or Accounting software wants to kill me

First Microsoft discontinues Office Accounting 2009 a mere four months after I install it and spend 40 hours trying to get it working over the network with XP. Then I make the move to QuickBooks due to this press release, and discover that their oh so magnificent data conversion tool will not work with either Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 64 bit. I now have to wrangle one of the old computers from the closets, do a clean install of 32 bit vista on that, install both Quickbooks and Office Accounting on that computer, convert that over on there, and then move the Quickbooks file to one of the two 64 bit computers I have here in the house. Such joy. No wonder I hate accounting.


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11 responses to “QuickBooks Conversion tool will not work with 64 bit Windows, or Accounting software wants to kill me”

  1. aaah, so we aren't alone. I think its worth mentioning that the support group for quickbooks also isn't that supportive.

  2. As it turns out, you can't use 64bit windows, and everything must be on the C drive, no exceptions. Do they tell you that anywhere in the documentation? No they do not.

  3. I'm on their support line now and for a $50 fee they will convert the data for you remotely. I'm trying to find out how to get that done for free.

  4. Ok. So I am a computer professional, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and a quickbooks reseller.

    I have over 300 poor souls that I have installed Office Accounting with who all have to convert to something new.

    So I tried the conversion on my own data and it failed (what a shock). I called intuit and they want to charge me $50 to do the conversion too. I explained to them that I have 300 customers to convert, and they told me that there are no exceptions to the fee no matter what.

    So guess what I am telling my customers: DONT BUY INTUIT PRODUCTS EVER!

    I am still looking for another product with a conversion tool, but I am not going to hang my customers out to expect another $50 fee just for conversion of data.


  5. Either it’s a very bad move by intuit or just poor software skills.

    either way, they are losing a great opportunity to convert most of the MS Accounting users to QB. One might think that they would want that no?

    In any case, I am interested to know if anyone had any success with this conversion tool. We have 8 computers all running W7 x64 and obviously we can’t run this conversion tool. I wanted to make sure it does what it suppose to do before I spend more time setting up an older pc.

  6. It’s really difficult, especially when trying to make everything work properly but it wouldn’t work anyway. As for the support group for quickbooks, it was not very useful unlike the support team of the custom writing service which helped me and gave useful hints on writing.

  7. FY!!!!! David Svarrer…apparently you don’t know how to do it either or you would have posted a solution DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just paid $50 to have them convert the file and what they sent me is completely unusable. Called 1-800 India only to be told that there are no refunds. So 4 days wasted, out $50 and still have to convert by hand. Really not cool. I wish there was an industry acceptable alternative to QuickBooks.

  9. Convert to Peachtree. Peachtree is a much stronger program for about the same price and built ground up as an accounting package (unlike QB which is Quicken on steroids)

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