We built this: Promotions Made Easy

Technologies Used

  • ASP.Net Webforms
  • Sql Server 2008
  • Html/CSS
  • Ecommerce/Credit Card Processing

The Team

Project Web Adress http://www.promotionsmadeeasy.com

Promotions Made Easy

Atlanta marketing company Tympani was starting an online marketing venture that featured the online sale of brochures and printed marketing material. They contracted us to build it for them. And we did.

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In the aftermath of the real estate bubble, Coldwell Banker needed a way to showcase their bank owned properties - and they went to Mock Advertising to do the job.  Mock came to us for the backend work.

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Great Game of Golf

Hidden Links came to use with an interesting challenge - how to merge the digital happiness of social networking with the analog happiness of the Great Game of Golf?  The early description was "Facebook for Golf".  

Our response was (no surprise) a finely tuned website.

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