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Technologies Used

  • ASP.net MVC
  • JQuery
  • Sql Server
  • Entity Framework

The Team

Project Web Adress http://pa.digitaltoolfactory.net

Profit Awareness

Every service business has their bad clients and good clients. Yet none of them will ever say, "Hey, I'm a bad client who will pay you late and make projects go out of scope due to my lack of organization."   In fact they all say the opposite. 

Yet every service business spends far too much time working too hard for their worst clients.  This happened to DTF.  Of course, we thought of a technical solution...

The solution was to create a web application to analyze invoices and time records and invoice to see who the best (and worst) clients were.  All it actually takes in a surprisingly small amount of data, almost all of it available from accounting software, to see who is the best and who is the worst.  With that information it is much easier to make choices about which clients get the extra love, and which ones don't.

 We employed many basic, and some sophisticated, statistical techniques to generate lots of charts and graphs so that Profit Awareness can help you do your best work for your best clients.

Right now, we are actively shopping this app to potential buyers and partners, please contact Steve French if you're interested.

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