We built this: Organic Local Food Guide

Technologies Used

  • ASP.net MVC 4
  • Sql Server
  • Bing Maps API
  • JSon
  • JQuery

The Team

Project Web Adress http://localfoodguide.georgiaorganics.org/

Organic Local Food Guide

Georgia Organics needed an interactive site to direct healthy eaters to the best organic food Georgia has to offer.   Digital Tool Factory stepped up to the plate and made a site that rose to some interesting challenges, namely

1.  Importation of data from a non-import friendly membership system.

2. Custom search and map display

3. Geocoding

4. Custom directions

It was a nice little challenge and we think it turned out well.  It is now far, far easier to find member data, and looks good to boot!

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Georgia Organics

This Georgia based non-profit already had a substantial web presence.  However they had outgrown their existing content management system and needed a new one.  That's where Digital Tool Factory and WordPress came in...

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