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The Turner Rule in Marketing and Branding

good timesOver the years I have met many alumni of the Turner Empire (CNN/Turner Broadcasting/Turner Enterprises/WCW/TBS/Braves/Hawks, etc) and most of them have told me some version of the following story.

[Setup – In the early days of CNN and Turner Broadcasting Ted Turner would prowl his office building and drop in unannounced into random meetings.   One day he walked into a meeting where people were planning a cross-channel week-long special on dinosaurs]

Speaker – “Okay – now all we need to do now is come up with the name.”

[Assembled marketing people] – “Prehistoric Times”, “Before the Comet”, “Things That Walked Tall”, etc, etc

Slowly Ted Turner raises his hand.

Speaker (nervously) – “Yes Mr Turner”

Ted Turner: “Why don’t you call it “Dinosaur

Speaker (nervously) – “Well, Mr Turner, we were looking to convey a bigger brand and feel than simply calling it dinosaur.  Does anyone else have any other ideas?”

[Assembled marketing people] – “A Different Kind of Tail”, “Some Were Vegetarians”, “Jurassic Park – For Real!”, etc, etc

Ted Turner: “Why don’t you call it “Dinosaurs

Speaker (even more nervously) – “Mr Turner, that’s still not what we’re looking for.”

Ted Turner: “About twenty years ago I started a cable news network.  You know what I called it?  Cable News Network!”

The marketing people named their special “Dinosaurs

In Sum: The Turner Rule: If  you cannot decide quickly on a marketing matter, just be obvious.

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