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Global microbrands, free stuff, and a new idea

gettin' lathed
Last night I read Hugh MacLeod of on Global MicroBrands.  Today I had the thought that I need to establish a non-denominational reference site for social network theory to support Stronico, as well as to help push the theoretical edges of the web application.  Then I remembered that I was going to do some turning on the new lathe tonight.

Then I had the thoughts:

  1. Why not have a website (of course) where I could give away handmade prizes in exchange for information
  2. The items made on the lathe’s would be one-offs, the best tip, tidbit, etc per month would win the price, which would probably be a gavel of some sort.
  3. There would be a new topic every month, as well as a new prize
  4. Later be the prize could be for the best entry on the free educational versions of Stronico as well (more on that to come).
  5. The information would have to be in the form of short, freeform entries, or tips, on a particular topic, either mneumonics, cooking, woodworking, typing, or whatever.  Ideally there would be some voting involved, but initially I would choose the monthly winner and send out the prize.

The next challenge I suppose would be how to structure it to support Stronico, either as a promotional site, or as a freeware standalone part of the social networking/mnemonics/brainware part of the internet.

That’s my idea for the day anyway – I thought I would share my thought process with everyone.  I find it helpful to flesh out the idea in words instead of leaving it unformed in my head.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert S. Donovan


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog


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