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Follow up post to my Start Up Atlanta post

I wrote up my experiences at StartUp Atlanta, and the good people at Core Motives were kind enough to send me a few corrections to wit (they wrote these in the comments) –

1) Actionable:

a) Sales: detecting the interaction of a prospect who is in a stalled sales opportunity, and pinging the salesperson’s Blackberry, in real time, that they need to call the prospect

b) Marketing: real-time revenue reporting from Google AdWord campaign clicks

* Corporate Purchasing: Pricing starts at $99/m; below the radar of corporate purchasing

* Pricing: simple consumption model with 3 tiers
* Remarkability: “Enables your business to detect, track and target potential customers”

-Regarding actionability – I have always thought that the missing information link in sales is not timeliness but rather the lack of product knowledge on the part of the salesperson, a problem which is not solvable via web applications.  Timelyness has seldom been a problem for me when dealing with salespeople.  I could quite easily be wrong about that.

-Regarding corporate purchasing – God willing $99 a month is below the purchasing radar of purchasing departments, but I was under the impression that ongoing charges tended to be handled by purchasing departments.

– Regarding pricing – I’m quite draconian on judging pricing – an ongoing charge is more complicated than a one-time fee, and 3 prices is more complicated than one price.  I do realize that not all products are capable of having a single price.  For what it’s worth, the current plan for Stronico will be a single price on a recurring basis.

– Regarding remarkability – I stand largely corrected on that.  I would mention that web app part of it in my description though.


This post originally appeared on the Stronico blog – with the absorption of Stronico into Digital Tool Factory this post has been moved to the Digital Tool Factory blog

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